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Sullivan Tool is now a dealer for Laseral Industrial Laser Systems. Laseral is able to meet your needs in many industrial laser applications. Laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser hardening, laser cleaning etc. Laseral is the true choice when you require precise welding in high speed and precision with narrow HAZ (Heat Affected Zone).

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Laser Welding System

ATAK fiber laser welding system is designed for welding of all types of metals and metal alloys. Its fiber laser technology provides very low service and operating costs.

❖ Mobile laser welding system

❖ Manually adjustable acrobatic arm for positioning

❖ Motorized X-Y-Z axes operation controlled via joystick

❖ Ball joint for manipulation of laser head

❖ Laser parameter adjustment and controlling via touch screen

❖ Alternatively foot pedal control for ergonomic operation


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Laser Marking Systems

Fiber lasers are preferred due to their high efficiency and excellent beam quality. With 1064 nm wavelength, fiber lasers allow working at high power densities thanks to small focal diameters. It provides marking, engraving at reasonable costs for metal and plastic materials. Fiber lasers generally do not require maintenance and have a long service life.

• Faster than mechanical methods

• High-contrast and abrasion-resistant laser markings

• Very small line widths can be realized

• Flexible, customizable markings

• No pre- and post-treatment is necessary

• Suitable for hard-to-reach places

• Intact surfaces (annealing), important e.g. for medical industry

• Alphanumeric text, serial numbers, logo, graphics, barcodes and data matrix


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